A New Setting for Mutants & Masterminds

The Goal

To create a setting for the RPG "Mutants & Masterminds", different from the current organization-based settings. This new setting should add background information for all the distinctive parts, a strong argumental line with several adventures, and lots of ideas for developing more content for the setting.

Structure of a Setting

There are several parts that need to be written, and for each of them we can find different solutions.

Origin of the Powers

How did mundane beings receive their powers? It has more importance than it seems, as it determines if supers can lose their powers, who has access to the powers, social implications, etc.

Main Story

Apart from leaving room for custom adventures, the setting should provide a story line to follow. Critical events, characters involved, time line, changes in the world as it develops, etc.

Characters & Organizations

Ideas for more adventures

Additional material needed

To completely publish a setting, some other things are also needed: illustrations, concept art, format/design, etc.

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